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Chicken Filet Tree

Most of us have lost our connection to food; the chicken-filet tree, the, the fruit that grows in cans.

We have lost the experience of what it is like to taste greens that have been raised by healthy soils and animals that have enjoyed a life of wildness and care.

I would like to take my cooking straight back to the people with dirt under their fingernails. These people, know their climate, their soil, their animals, who know when it’s best to harvest and when to provide me with the tastiest vegetables that have just been plucked out of the soil that morning; with game that has lived in the deepest forest away from humans; with farm animals that have grazed on nutrient-rich pastures and with the products they give.

I want them to be the only ones in between me and the produce I’m working with.


I would like to waste nothing but see to it that everything finds a new shape: on plates for you to enjoy, in jars and glasses fermenting and pickling away, in broths and finally back in the soil as food for the worms.

There is something quite liberating not having formally been trained as a chef, it invites my curiosity out to play, no matter the conventions or the rules of the game.


It's Alive!

The human gut microbiome consists of 10-100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells.

Fermented food is like the messenger between us and this internal kingdom. It’s our way of making peace with those who don’t belong and supporting the ones that fight on our side.

In a culture in which antibiotics are often too quickly prescribed, fermentation is the superhero. And it’s a tasty one.

Fermentation unlocks flavours that we have never experienced and creates taste explosions on our tongue.


Fermentation has been around all over the world for centuries, I’m in awe how much there is to explore and how much there is still to learn.


No Ideologie

“It’s the dose that makes the poison.”

My cooking is always the freshest, greenest and most alive version I can muster. However, my creativity and curiosity soar with the falling away of constraints and ideologies.

I love food and I cherish it in all its forms

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